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ECU Bridge/RPM Bridge
The easiest way to show engine data on visors
and SmartyCam videos
ECU Bridge and RPM Bridge: these two systems are needed whenever engine data
are to be visualized on a display or on a SmartyCam HD video, if no recording is required.
They are compatible with G-Dash and Formula Steering Wheel 2,
and of course with the SmartyCam HD on-board cameras.
ECU Bridge is to be used in case the Engine Control Unit
transmits data in the following hardware protocols:
OBDII, CAN or RS232.
AiM has developed hundreds of different protocols,
to make compatibility with virtually all ECUs possible,
either stock and after market ECUs.
ECU Bridge has to be properly configured with
Race Studio 2 software to communicate with
the different visors/cameras on one side
and ECUs on the other side.
Connection examples
Connection to SmartyCam HD:
Connection to the peripherals:
ECU Bridge is available in two variants:
With OBDII connector, for immediate plug&play connection
to the OBDII port of cars with stock ECUs.
With CAN/RS232 connection, for direct installation
on aftermarket ECUs.
RPM Bridge is to be used whenever
the car has got no ECU (i.e. classic cars).
In this case RPM data can be obtained
with connection to the coil or reading
a square wave signal generated by
the ignition system.