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Data storage and transfer from AiM loggers to PC
MemoryKey allows an immediate storage of data acquired by AiM loggers (MXL and EVO4) during test and race sessions as well as their transfer on a PC, for analysis with the powerful Race Studio 2 software.
With 32 MB internal memory, MemoryKey can store data concerning many sessions.
No more need to wait for data download from the logger to the PC: you just plug MemoryKey in MXL or EVO4 before the session and it will automatically store data sampled by the logger. Once the session is over MemoryKey will immediately download data to your PC as a normal compact flash.
In case you need to avoid interruptions during test or race session, just plug another MemoryKey in your logger and go on sampling data.
MemoryKey can be used in a very flexible way: you can unplug it from one vehicle logger and plug it in another, also with the engine running, without erasing or overwriting data concerning different sessions.
Each session, in fact, can be attributed to each vehicle unambiguously because MemoryKey automatically opens a session when is plugged in the logger and closes it when unplugged.