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Exhaust gas power valve
position sensor
Exhaust gas power valve sensor provides a very accurate indication of the exhaust gas valve* working, measuring its gap in mm. The sensor, which measures valve stroke until 20mm, samples RPM value that opens/closes the valve and all intermediate values too. Data are immediately visible on MyChron5 display: RPM/GasValv graph of the analyzed lap appears. With Race Studio Analysis software data of different laps can be compared on your PC. Closed valve position is auto-calibrated by the sensor. Thanks to this sensor, valve malfunctions are under control.
* The sensor is currently compatible with Rotax-type valves, used by the following engines: Rotax, Super Rok, Maxter, Maranello, Iame, TM. Compatibility will shortly be extended to other valve types.
Exhaust gas power valve sensor can be connected to MyChron Expansion via specific adapter cables.